Poster example from Reminiscence 

Performance venue: Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral. Kansas City, Missouri 

Performance Venue: Our Savior Lutheran Church. Burlington, Wisconsin

Performance venue: First Unitarian Church. Denver, Colorado

Dress rehearsal at the College Light Opera Company campus. Falmouth, Cape Cod

An Andrea Guarneri Violin lent to Duo Vis-À-Vis for a portion of Reminiscence courtesy of the Lawrence University Conservatory and dean Brian Pertl 

With audience members after a performance of Reminiscence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Duo Vis-À-Vis with audience members in Burlington, Wisconsin

Outside the venue of the final performance of Reminiscence in Falmouth, Cape Cod

Brandin with one of the Reminiscence posters at a bank in Ames, Iowa

Warming up before Reminiscence in Milwaukee, WI

This tour provided a lot of driving around the mid-west